Welcome to The Barbed Wire! 

The Barbed Wire is an Intranet available to drivers and staff of Outwest Express, LLC.

If you do not have access to The Barbed Wire, please submit a registration request.  Note: Requests are approved by Outwest Express, LLC management staff and are not automatically granted.  Please check your spam folder as some email services will send messages from unknown sources to spam or junk.

The 2018 benefit enrollment page is now live!

EVERYONE must either enroll in the benefit plans or WAIVE coverage.

You can waive all coverage or specific benefit offerings, but you need to do something!

If you do nothing, you will be automatically enrolled in the PPO5000 health plan and $48.35 will be deducted from your pay each week.

Doing nothing is an election in and of itself.

This is a requirement of the Affordable Care Act for all employees of companies offering health coverage.